16 Holiday Lights Tips That Make Christmas Easier

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For many people, putting up holiday lights is a necessary chore in order to get to enjoy holiday decorations. Check out these Christmas light ideas and hacks as you decide how to hang Christmas lights around your home this year.

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Christmas is the season of peace and joy… until you have to put the decorations up, that is.

I know hanging holiday lights seems idyllic and easy, but as someone who has done it for years and years now, let me tell you. It’s tricky and annoying! Until they’re hanging and looking lovely.

And if you’re anything like me, untangling holiday lights and climbing ladders doesn’t exactly fill you with holiday cheer.

But we have good news… we collected some terrific Christmas lights hacks to make hanging those lights much easier this year and for years to come.

Clever Holiday Lights Tips and Tricks

Confession time: I finally got so fed up enough with the process of hanging holiday lights that I decided to go searching for some tips to help make it easier.

I found some pretty genius ideas to help with everything from storing and hanging lights to taking pictures to creating magical spaces with lights – check them out!

Zip Ties to the Rescue | Family Handyman


I have tried so many ways to attach those Christmas lights to our railings. All of them failed. Every single option.

Until I found (and tried) this tip.

Use zip ties to tie holiday lights to railings. The zip ties won’t leave marks as tape and hooks do. They’re a snap to put on and a breeze to take off.

9 Handy Holiday Decorating Tips

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Add Variety to Your Lights | Vintage Revivals


Does your tree always look a little, well… boring? Maybe liven it up with two different bulb sizes.

Doesn’t the bottom half of this tree look magical? I never would have thought to do this, but look at the difference!

8 Awesome Holiday Hacks

Make holiday decorating easier this year with these hacks.

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Add Some Sparkle With Twinkle Lights | Nest of Posies


Brighten your hallway and make it into a magical place all at the same time! To do it, simply cover your ceiling with twinkly lights.

All things Merry & Bright!

Without question, this has been the best thing I’ve done all season. And it took about 15 minutes.

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Use Holiday Lights to Take Amazing Christmas Photos

Wrap your kiddos up with Christmas lights to take the best Christmas Photos EVER!


Huge Time Saver | My Six Ring Circus


Want to hang lights on brick? Forget everything else you’ve ever heard and break out the hot glue gun!

It’s surprisingly easy to do once you know this trick and saves a huge amount of time hanging lights.

Check more hot glue gun tricks!

Hanging Lights on Brick the Easy Way

After spending two hours hanging my lights only to have them fall down a couple of days later, I discovered this trick and it was life-changing!

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Temporary Extension Cord Protection | Family Handyman


No one wants to get electrocuted during the holidays. Because safety is a priority, use an old plastic container with notches cut in the sides to protect extension cords during the Christmas season.

Why Didnu2019t I Think of That?

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The Trick for Attaching to Fascia | Family Handyman


Use clothespins to easily clip holiday lights to fascia when you’re decorating your home’s exterior. It’s so much easier (and cheaper!) than light clips.

9 Handy Holiday Decorating Tips

Hereu2019s a collection of clever hints and tips that will make your holiday decorating faster, easier and more fun!

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Keep Those Holiday Lights Tangle-Free

The very worst part about hanging holiday lights is untangling them. It takes forever! Do it differently this year with this hack.

Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard to keep them tangle-free and easy to prep for hanging.


DIY Wire Christmas Tree Lawn Decorations | 17 Apart


Make your own wire Christmas trees with tomato cages and strings of lights. Buying them is too expensive (and a pain to store all year long).

If you already have tomato cages that you cleaned out from your winter garden prep, this is a super frugal way to decorate the exterior of your home for the holiday season.

DIY: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Lights

Try this weekend project of fun and easy little Christmas decor idea u2014 making lit-up Christmas tree decorations from tomato cages.

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A New Twist on Christmas Lights | Instructables


Ping pong balls make excellent light diffusers, taking an ordinary set of lights and making them look absolutely beautiful (and unique). Here’s a tutorial to create your own string of ping pong ball lights!

How To: Ping Pong Ball Lights

Here’s a project I sort of stumbled upon but loved once it was complete. Make your holiday lights look anything but ordinary.

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Simple Way to Deflect Light | Real Simple


Or put some foil cupcake liners behind your lights to bounce a little more light off. This works well with lights around the windows and looks so amazing!

Interesting New Uses for Old Things

Turn to everyday items to handle common seasonal setbacks. You’ll be amazed!

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Store Holiday Lights Around Tubes |Savvy Housekeeping


Save cardboard tubes during the month of December to wrap your lights around when the season is over.

This Christmas light idea will keep your holiday lights from getting tangled in storage (so you save time when it comes time to hang them up again!).

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Three Ways To Store Christmas Lights

Here are 3 clever ways to store Christmas lights to eliminate that messy tangled mess.

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DIY Holiday Light Globe | The Garden Glove


Make a gorgeous holiday light globe by wiring two wire hanging baskets together and wrapping lights around them. Magical!

DIY Light Globe Hack

Try this DIY Christmas light idea! We created this holiday light globe hack with wire baskets from the garden shed, some floral wire, and white mini lights.

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Top Christmas Lights Photography Tips | It’s Always Autumn


When photographing holiday lights, you may want to turn off your flash. The flash creates a gray, washed-out look. By turning off the flash, the lights look brighter because there’s more contrast.

Holiday Lights Photography Tips

If you’re tired of your holiday lights pictures turning out terribly, use these tips to get terrific pictures every time.

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Skip Lights Altogether and Use a Projector


Get the look of hanging thousands of lights without all the hassle. The star shower makes it beyond simple. Have you seen them shine into trees? Gorgeous!

Holiday Lights Mason Jars | Hometalk

holiday lights mason jars

Aren’t these jars adorable? Also known as fairy light jars, they’re easy to make and a snap add to any holiday decor display. Plus, they add just the right amount of light. Beautiful.

How to Make Fairy Light Jars

What do you get when you add: a set of three large mason jars, LED string lights, and burlap together? Pure Fairy Light Holiday Magic!

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How are these for clever holiday lights tips? This year decorating with holiday lights doesn’t need to be a chore. With these Christmas light ideas, it can be fun, creative, and beautiful!

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