25 Rustic Christmas Ornaments You’ll Love

25 Rustic Christmas Ornaments You’ll Love

Rustic decor is extremely cozy and warming up, that’s why it’s so popular for any space. We all love rustic decor for family holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, that’s why today I’m going to share rustic Christmas ornaments today. Rustic Christmas ornaments can turn your tree into a lovely and cozy one, and they can be nice Christmas guest favors, too. What can they be like? Materials Most of rustic Christmas ornaments can be easily DIYed, so you’ll need to consider some materials that will give a rustic look to your decor. These can be sticks, wood and plywood of all kinds, tree bark, tree stumps, wood slices – everything connected with wood! Don’t forget natural gifts like pinecones, berries, fir branches, acorns, nuts ferns, even fruits, they can be a nice idea, too, and some of them will bring a lovely aroma to your space, mix them up as you like to achieve an unforgettable scent. Continue with burlap and twine, with lace and aged metal, with everything vintage if you are going rustic vintage.

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