29 Fancy Christmas Gifts We’d Be So Happy to Receive This Year (Hint, Hint)

We’ve all needed some form of escapism this year. Some have taken up sewing as a distraction, while others have lost themselves in the pages of brilliant books to pass the time. And while the Who What Wear team have certainly followed suit with pastimes like painting furniture and scouring eBay for second-hand gems, there’s another hobby we’ve come to enjoy; one which loans itself perfectly to this time of year. And that’s (virtual) window shopping of the highest luxury. 


Now, we know the true meaning of Christmas goes way beyond shopping; it’s about being thankful for what you have, showing compassion for others, and, if this year allows, spending time with our nearest and dearest; the latter being perhaps the greatest gift we could hope to receive. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge ourselves by compiling a money’s no object Christmas list. We let our fashion fantasies run wild, and the result? An edit of luxury Christmas gifts for her that are so incredibly beautiful, it’s hard to believe they even exist. With only the chicest of coats and the most covetable of bags, all the way to premium skincare, scroll below to live vicariously through our assortment of high-end treats.

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16We’ve long wanted to add an Alessandra Rich dress to our collection. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16The blue colour of this bag is absolutely heavenly. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Is there anything more luxurious than a cream coat? 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16A jewellery box with regal flair. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Proof Chanel investments really do get better with age. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16These moc-croc boots will elevate every single outfit you wear. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16This skirt was made to be worn with a fluffy cream knit and burgundy boots. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16This Bottega Veneta bag has been a regular occurrence in our dreams this year. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16A little of this potent perfume goes a long, long way. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Belted cardigans present a chic update on the wardrobe staple. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Decadence is a four-wick candle. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Just imagine how beautiful this ring will look with dar nail colours. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16An Acne scarf always works its way onto our wish lists. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16The Gucci belt has been given an update; and we love it. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Four weeks, four bottles. That’s right, Sisley’s formula promises renewed, visibly vibrant skin in one month. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Our Sleeper pyjama obsession continues with this gathered satin iteration. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16A good leopard print coat will last a lifetime. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16It’s rare that we find ourselves lost for words, but that’s the reaction we had when we first laid eyes on these diamond earrings. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16A magical dress to see out the end of the year in. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Mules are still a major trend going into 2021, so naturally we’ve already picked out this kitten heel pair from Wandler. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16For the person who has everything, a crystal headband will do the trick. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16The perfect set of red lipsticks, in the chicest makeup pouch we’ve seen. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16The ideal «nice top» accompaniment to your favourite jeans. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Don’t save your special lingerie for best. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16If you’re serious about makeup, then you need to be serious about how you apply it. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Aerin’s beautiful fragrances are matched only by their beautiful bottles. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16Celine eyewear is always a good idea. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16We’ve seen this jumper on countless influencers, and can confirm it’s divine. 

luxury-christmas-gifts-for-her-289936-16The ultimate haircare kit courtesy of GHD. 

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