40 Under-£100 Christmas Gifts That Look Really Thoughtful

The word «affordable» means different things to different people. This is something we’re acutely aware of right now, especially when, on the run-up to Christmas, shopping is not only unavoidable but is also actively encouraged. Of course, advising you on what to buy is what we do best, and while we’re certain you want to mark the occasion by treating your nearest and dearest to something special, the last thing we want you to do is to blow your budget in the process. As such, we’ve rounded up an edit of affordable Christmas gifts that start at a frugal £5, peaking at the £100 mark. 


As we said, the word «affordable» is entirely relative, but we hope that our edit below will, if nothing else, inspire your Christmas gift ideas. That is why we’ve included everything from classic knitwear she’ll treasure for years and jewellery that is guaranteed to pull on heartstrings to icons in the world of interiors and presents that will spark her creativity. Scroll below for our chic, affordable Christmas gifts suggestions. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The chicest cashmere sweater you’ll find this side of £100.

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Ensure said cashmere sweater looks its best after each wear with this sleek de-bobbler.

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500This hand cream is practically a status symbol. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Padded outwear at this price is hard to come by. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Pearl necklaces are still very high on the style agenda. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Who wouldn’t appreciate a pair of new leggings? 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500These pyjamas look so expensive. (Spoiler alert: They’re not.)

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Prepare to see these salt and pepper shakers all over your Instagram feed. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500This skirt will look equally stylish with a cream cable knit or a silk camisole. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508Chocolates with designer packaging? It doesn’t get better than this. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508A meaningful card game everyone can play. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Shoes to carry you through to spring. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500A divine perfume and a heartfelt sentiment rolled into one. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The cuddliest clutch we’ve ever seen. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508This shade will suit everyone. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Interiors aficionados will truly appreciate this. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500A gifting classic. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The smell of this body butter is unreal. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The lingerie brand that is featured on every fashion girl’s wish list. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Versatile and chic. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500We love the glass holder of this candle—use it as a makeup brush holder after the wax has melted. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Another foolproof suggestion—a cardigan. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500You can’t go wrong with the gorgeous quad. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Achieve the curated-ear look with these climber earrings. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500For all her treasures. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508This beauty cracker features luxury miniatures from Susanne Kaufmann and Aromatherapy Associates. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508Anything cosy will go down a treat. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The perfect cover-up for the festive season. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500A glitzy update on Daphine’s cult Oli Ring (£65). 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500The colour, the fabric, the bow detail—this dress is gifting perfection. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500If in doubt, opt for the slippers. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Drunk Elephant’s products perform just as well as they’re cool packaging suggests. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508Socks are an essential Christmas gift, but never before have they been this stylish. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500For crafty types, give them the gift of creating their own (on-trend) taper candles. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Acne for under £100? It does exist! 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Upgrade your skincare routine with this jade roller. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500No coat is as timeless as a camel coat. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500Beauty obsessives consider Zoeva brushes to be the best. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160508Christmas in a shoe. 

affordable-christmas-gifts-290028-160500A good night’s sleep is important—make it a fashionable affair with a silk eye mask. 

Opening Images: @lenafarl, @sabinasocol, @styleidealist@emilisindlev

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