5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and that means there are parties and get-togethers ahead. Add a fun festive twist to your look by trying out something new when it comes to your beauty look. 

  1. Festive Nails

5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 1

Nail art has developed hugely in the last few years: it’s never been easier to get a fun themed manicures with heat-application or quick stencil applications that are easy to apply and make your nails look polished and professional. For a full on look, try stamping some festive holly on to snow-flecked nails or go subtle with a block matt gold polish for a elegant look that still has that Christmas cheer.

  1. Vintage curls

5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 2

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy experimenting with your look. Vintage curls are everywhere on the red carpet and add a glamorous, polished vibe to your party outfit. Opt for bouncy loose curls – they’re low fuss and will stay put with hairspray.

  1. Structured Eyebrows

5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 3

Structured eyebrows are a big beauty trend at the moment – if you don’t have naturally busy brows, use an eyebrow pencil in a natural shade to add to your existing brows. Get a wilder look by brushing your eyebrow hairs to stand up but keep the look structured and tidy.

  1. Red Matt Lips

5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 4

Try an updated version of the classic red lip by trying out a matt red shade – make sure the look is clean with flawless edges by using a precise lip brush. 

  1. Sparkling Eyes

5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 5

Glitters, gold and silver are great eye makeup looks for the festive season – take the look up a notch by trying a metallic applique (like the one pictured) or slick on a dark liquid black cateye over smooth solid gold or silver eyeshadow for a simple yet statement beauty look.

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