A Little Farmhouse Christmas Tour

ornament and Christmas tree skirt

Christmas in the family room 7

I started this blog at Christmastime.


Eight. Years. Ago.

It seems like yesterday and foreverago all at the same time.

We had jumped to the middle of the country and had finished renovating our home and I was lonely. I missed my friends in Texas and I wanted to connect and share and talk about lampshades and farmhouses and kitchens and why it was so hard to decide which paint color went where. I needed to talk.

And talk and talk and talk some more.

But more importantly? I needed someone to listen.

So I gathered myself and my Christmas decorations and my projects and all the before’s and after’s my farmhouse had and decided I was going to jump again.

Right into the world of blogging.

Christmas in the family room 9

Christmas in the family room 1

I knew what I wanted to write about.

Christmas decorations.

All the merry and bright that filled my house.

Rooms full of wreaths and greenery and tiny houses at the window and a basket full of handmade trees on my kitchen counter.

rotating calendar

white Christmas tree

Noel on white Christmas tree

I wanted to write about neutral trees.

And how I figured out a basket makes a perfect tree skirt.

And how I found these ornaments that look vintage on a clearance table long ago for only .57 each.

Stuff just like that.

stairs and kitchen

Christmas hutch 1

Christmas trees on hutch

Oh the plans I had.

I was going to write the perfect decorating blog with well-written witty posts about how to decorate…..

….and insider tips for the perfect room.

It was going to be fancy.

And amazing.

And super-educated with brilliant ideas on “how high to hang your chandelier” and “how to mix colors and patterns and textures and color with dramatic flair”.

Christmas in the family room 12

Christmas in the family room 4

Christmas in the family room 11

There was just one little problem.

Back then? Before I started this blog? I didn’t know how to take photographs.


It was totally embarrassing.

Christmas in the family room 2

Christmas in the family room 5

Christmas in the family room 8

I had those cameras that were yellow and disposable.

You know.

The ones that you threw away after you took it to Walgreens to get it developed.



How could I start a blog with pictures like that?

Christmas mantel

neutral Christmas mantel

And then?

I came up with a brilliant plan.

I hired a photographer who worked for a local magazine to come to the house and take pictures of the Christmas decorations.

stockings on mantel

paper bird

The photographer came out to the house and photographed every room.

And then a week later the photos showed up in my inbox.


I couldn’t believe it.

The photos were amazing. I couldn’t wait to share them. I couldn’t wait to show them off. I couldn’t wait to write my first post. I couldn’t wait to launch my blog and these photos and my words out into the world.

Christmas in the family room 3

dough bowl and ornaments

So I sat down at the computer to begin and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

This was it.

This was where it all began.

Oh, the post I was going to write.

I had it all planned out. It was going to be on the scintillating topic of using neutrals and textures in your Christmas decorating.  My fingers hovered over the keyboard with post swirling in my head as I looked at the pictures one more time for inspiration.

And as I stared at those wonderful, brilliant, amazing photographs willing the decorating words of wisdom to leap onto the page….

…my heart sank.

hutch and reindeer

stairs and kitchen

neutral staircase

Because right there in the middle of my about-to-be-brilliantly-written-post on expert Christmas decorating was my Wal-Mart Christmas tree with its giant plastic feet and scraggly trunk elongated by the wide-angle lens….

….without a tree skirt in sight.



No tree skirt? How could that be?

I was going to be an expert.

I was going to be a professional.

I was going to be the voice of decorating for the twenty-first century.


And so it was that seven years ago my blog determined its own voice.

When on that long-ago December day I sat down at the computer with my tattered pride and my shredded dignity and introduced myself to the world like this:

“Hi!  My name is KariAnne….

…and I don’t have a tree skirt.”

bows on staircase

doorway and stairbowl


I’ve never forgotten another tree skirt and I’m still Christmas decorating.

I’m still writing.

I’m still sharing my heart and laughing and sharing and tell stories and in keeping it real news? I’m still taking pictures that need a little help.

How do I know?

I just edited myself out of the reflection of a Christmas ornament or two. 🙂

Thanks for listening and thanks for taking a tour of this year’s Christmas decor.

Be sure and stop by and visit a few of my friends and their amazing tours, too.


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