About Those Christmas Quilts

In my continuing quest to use up
the remaining Christmas fabrics,
I’ve decided to make what should be the last one.
Here you can see the cut up red scraps 
with the neutrals . . . 

And here you can see the cut up greens
along with a lot of neutral squares.
(and yes I did piece undersized bits together
in order to cut enough full-size squares)

Last year I made one of these Snowflake quilts
named EIRA (Welsh for «snow») – 
I gifted the top and back to Margaret in MO
who quilted/finished and loves it.
I’m going to make another version this year
using the pieces and parts shown above.
Time will tell if my radiating layout plan works.
If it doesn’t, I’ll use the greens and reds
to create a different kind of scrappy background.
* * *
It turns out that there will be a total of EIGHT quilts
made from that much-too-large stash of Christmas fabrics.
Three of them are finished:
Two more are quilt tops waiting to be quilted:
And the final three are cut out and ready to piece:
(traditional rail fence kitchen table quilt)
Deck the Halls (snowballs)
Yuletide (this snowflake quilt)
You can read the posts related to each these
(except Sleigh Ride – there was no reveal post done)
by clicking on the Christmas Quilt label
in the list on my sidebar.
And, unless there is a very specific need
from someone very special,
I have NO plans to buy any more Christmas fabric!



“Listen to the wisdom of trees . . . 
for trees know that you can be still and grow at the same time.”  

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