DIY Christmas Pillowcases


As I’ve mentioned before, this year we are having quite a few visitors during the holiday season. I decided to whip up a bunch of Christmas pillowcases for all of our house guests using my ‘15-Minute Pillowcase Tutorial‘. I thought it would be a festive and fun gesture to have new pillowcases for our house guests to use to rest their tired heads.



These pillowcases were made using the ‘15-Minute Pillowcase Tutorial‘ that can be found HERE.

These pillowcases sew together really quickly. You can make a bunch of them in assembly line style in no time. The longest part of the process is actually cutting all the fabric, but again, assembly line style is key if you are making a bunch.








The only part of the ‘15 Minute Pillowcase Tutorial‘ that I changed was the little accent strip in between the main part of the fabric and the edge band fabric. For these pillowcases, I made the accent strip half as wide as I did on the other pillowcases. You can do this either way, but for these pillowcases I just wanted to see what it would look like with a smaller strip. And to tell you the truth, I think I like it better. But if you want the accent fabric to be more noticeable, definitely go with the wider measurement from the original tutorial.






I used Anna Griffin’s ‘Isabelle’ fabric collection for these pillowcases. I don’t think it is still in print, but you should be able to find some of the collection here and there if you like this line……just do a Google search.




This is the same fabric that I used for our Holiday Tablecloth (tutorial found HERE). I am just so drawn to the vintage look and feel and since I had some left over I thought, why not turn it into some pillowcases?


This fabric is high-quality quilting cotton so it feels great against the skin and washes very well. Make sure to choose a nice, quality fabric when making these Christmas pillowcases for your special house guests, family or friends.

We have our second round of company coming for a visit this weekend… dad and brother. I’m really looking forward to spending time with them and letting them choose their Christmas pillowcase!

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