Our Complete Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Women, Whatever Your Budget

Although some may feel like it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping, we feel it’s only right to remind you that, for many, there’s potentially only one more payday between now and December 25. So it makes sense to start thinking about it now—not only to spare you the stress that comes with leaving it to the last minute but also to ensure that your money goes as far as you need it to over the next couple of months. That’s where we come in.

We donned our (chic) elf outfits, and in an attempt to make this endeavour easier on your part, we’ve assembled the very best Christmas gifts for her in one place, all of which we’ve neatly categorised by budget. For the women in your life—who can often be tricky to shop for—we’ve found a proverbial treasure trove of gifts, each one guaranteed to spark a squeal of sheer delight when the wrapping gets torn off.


With everything from gorgeous designer bags to 2020’s most sought-after beauty buys and a helping of stylish trinkets for the home, a gift is meant to be something special you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. And our editor-curated list ensures that, regardless of your means (these are tough times, after all), the recipient is going to be overjoyed when they open your perfectly chosen gift. Of course, should you find something for yourself in the process, all the better.

Keep scrolling to shop our edit of the best Christmas gifts for women and to start making the most of this wonderful time of the year. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983This Chanel Hair Mist is sure to delight fashion and beauty obsessives alike. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983This dress looks so expensive. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983The glasses that continuously crop up on our feeds. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432087Hairbands are still going strong for 2020. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983Scallop-edged plates are one of the biggest interior trends of the year. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983We don’t know what we love more—the capabilities of these brushes or the sleek velvet case they come in. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983The prettiest lipstick we ever did see. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431982Fabulous lingerie is the ultimate indulgence. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983The photography in this coffee-table book is breathtaking.

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983The perfect top to match her (or your) favourite jeans. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432228Green is one of the biggest colour trends of the year. Impress the person who would know that with this pair of mules. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431983Another Monki bag that looks significantly more premium than its price tag. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431987You can never go wrong with a velvet blazer. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986For the woman who loves her home and coffee in equal measure. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986The pyjamas brand we keep coming back to. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432044She’ll find endless ways to style this. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432049A mug that’s far too good-looking to be stashed away in a cupboard. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432039Call off the search—we’ve just found the perfect smoky-eye palette. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986For the person who has more cushions than clothes. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986Olaplex has been a beauty best seller this year, and now, you can invest in all the key products in one fell swoop. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986A purple hue, pearl buttons, and a cable-knit finish? This cardigan ticks off so many trend boxes. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986The beanie has had a glow-up. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986No one can resist the charms of a Diptyque candle. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431986Ensure they look sophisticated at all times with this impossibly soft coat. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990The blouse on every Who What Wear editor’s Christmas wish list. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990Cashmere makes for the ideal Christmas gift for women, regardless of their age. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990We challenge you not to smile when you see this bag. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431989A luxury hoodie. It’s self-explanatory, really. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432034For the woman who has everything, get her a piece of artwork that she’ll treasure forever. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990No way would we have guessed this wasn’t from a high-end designer. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990Vejas, but the thick soles make them different to the pair (okay, pairs) you both probably already own. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990This necklace will elevate simple shirting or add a final fancy flourish to party pieces. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990This super-soft throw comes in many shades, but this  interpretation is our favourite. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431990No more ironing? She’ll be forever in your debt after using this. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432056Christmas presents the perfect opportunity to fork out on premium fragrance. Cue Tom Ford’s heavenly Bitter Peach scent.

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431989Off the top of our heads, we can think of 10 outfits these boots will go with. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993Our shacket obsession lives on. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993A cool designer bag at a price we can aspire to. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993It would be sacrilegious not to include Anissa Kermiche’s iconic vase in our edit. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432065The words «pink» and «Prada» should always go together. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993The Breton stripe gets a glam overhaul. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993What more could she ask for than the gift of good hair with less heat damage? 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993Santa, please make this the year we finally find these under the tree. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160433535Never has a year been more in need of some sparkle. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993BY FAR knows how to create good boots—case in point. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993Perhaps the most talked-about skincare brand of the year. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431993A Mulberry purse is for life. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995Transform into a modern-day Cinderella with this dress from Who What Wear favourite Anna October. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995This leather coat will never go out of style. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432072Coloured glassware to fancify the year ahead. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995Living room, bedroom, bathroom, this vase would look good in every single room in her house. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995Checks and pleats are a match made in style heaven. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum is one of 2020’s buzziest beauty buys. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431996Timeless, simply timeless. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431995Who wouldn’t want to find a small package with this inside? 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160431996You had us at peach ruffles. 

christmas-gifts-for-her-289898-160432074Master the art of tablescaping with this playful lunch set. 

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