Retro Bulb Christmas Light Cover


I wanted to print up an old school style bulb cover for the modern mini lights everyone uses for Christmas lights now.

I couldn’t find one so I created one.

Just print it out and press it onto the light.

I’ve had success with .08 resolution to .3 so any resolution should work. The walls are .8 thick so, 2 perimeters for a .4 nozzle, or 1 for a .8.

It’s a fast print and uses very little plastic. Obviously use clear or translucent filaments.

I suggest printing a test cover first as the hole size needs to be pretty perfect for it to press on to the body of the light and stay on. I’ve printed it in both PETG and PLA and do need to tweak the scaling slightly between materials.

Resolution: .2

Perimeters/Walls: 2


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