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2020 stampers anonymous christmas:


there’s magic and merriment all around with my new holiday collection from stampers anonymous including: snarky cats, retro snowflakes, bold tidings, tiny text, vintage holidays, sketch greenery and more for the most wonderful time of the year. the new layering stencils are filled with festive cheer and perfect for adding texture to your makes. the […]

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande And Jennifer Hudson To Team Up For New Christmas Collaboration?

Listen, we get it. It’s October. And usually in October, we’re not ones for basking in festive cheer.

However, with cheer of any description in pretty low supply at the moment, we’ll take what we can get, and if the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, is going to bestow us with an early present, then you can bet we’re going to grab it with both hands.

On Friday evening, the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer teased what looks to be a new Yuletide collaboration, sharing this photo on Twitter, alongside a tree emoji:

🎄 pic.twitter.com/akd5SrE8ze

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) October 9, 2020

It didn’t take fans long to work out that “AG” and “JH” most likely stand for Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson, and let’s just say… there was some excitement:

ARIANA AND JENNIFER HUDSON pic.twitter.com/qwmzd2iohu

— jackie. 💙 (@90sMariah) October 9, 2020


— Mariah’s Number Ones (@givingyoume) October 9, 2020

Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson?

Are you trying to kill us????

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) October 9, 2020


— T. Kyle 🏳️‍🌈 (@tkylemac) October 9, 2020

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson coming to save 2020 with a Christmas song like: pic.twitter.com/GDX1OpvRW3

— Yael 🎗 (@yourstrulyael) October 9, 2020

IM CRYING NO WAY @ArianaGrande AND JENNIFER HUDSON!!!!! pic.twitter.com/MiqXDMNelx

— manriah canary (@ManriahC) October 9, 2020


— dean 💗 #TheRarities (@deepestdaydream) October 9, 2020


— Brian | #TheRarities (@briann250) October 9, 2020



THIS IS THE VACCINE!!!! https://t.co/A1xb5jxyu1

— hoops (@itsmatthooper) October 9, 2020

AG??? As in Ariana grande???? pic.twitter.com/pI7jAsTqfN

— danny (@jadedfenty) October 9, 2020

Obviously, at the moment, all we have to go off is a photo of three directors’ chairs, so it’s tough to decipher exactly what the trio have up their collective sleeve for us this Christmas.

However, fans have been speculating that it could be a new remix of Mariah’s signature hit All I Want For Christmas Is You – which she previously re-recorded with Justin Bieber in 2011 – or a new version of Ariana’s own festive track Santa Tell Me.

Either way, October or not, we are ready for whatever it is that Mariah has in store for us. Even if it’s just a new crisp advert.

Could Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson be about to serve up a Christmas miracle?

After what’s been – let’s just say it – a pretty rubbish year for most of us, there is already a fair bit to look forward to this Christmas, including the new Netflix film Jingle Jangle, which stars Forest Whitaker and John Legend.

The streaming platform will also be debuting a new Christmas offering starring Dolly Parton, Jenifer Lewis and Christine Baranski, which has somehow managed to look even more camp than whatever it is you’re currently imagining.

24 best Christmas gifts for teenagers, from retro cameras to roller skates

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The Easiest Way to Decorate for the Holidays? Adding Christmas Pillows to Your Couch

Let’s face it. Decorating for Christmas can be simply overwhelming. There’s the tree to put up, the exterior lights to hang and the garlands to string. But what if we told you there was an easier way to bring holiday cheer to your living room? No, we’re not suggesting you should skip putting up the Christmas tree, but we do think adding Christmas pillows to your couch is the absolute easiest way to decorate in December.

These pillows feature Christmassy patterns, designs and images. They range from holiday movie-themed screen prints to hand-painted Santa Claus portraits. But there are a couple of things to consider before diving headfirst into this fun decorating trend.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy a complete pillow that features both the insert and the pillow cover or if you just need the cover. The former is usually more expensive and less versatile, while the latter requires some assembly after purchase as you have to put the cover on your pre-existing inserts.

Second, if you choose to buy just a cover, you’ll need to ensure you already have the right size insert. You also need to make sure you buy the right size pillows to look attractive on your couch. In general, throw pillows are available in the following sizes:

  • 18 by 18 inches (The most popular size)
  • 20 by 20 inches (The second most popular size)
  • 22 by 22 inches
  • 5 by 15 inches
  • 12 by 20 inches
  • 10 by 18 inches

If you’re ready to take some of the hassle out of holiday decor, grab one of the 13 best Christmas pillows we’ve rounded up below. These also make great gifts for friends and family who love the holiday season.


1. CDWERD Christmas Throw Pillow Covers


Unpack these Christmas pillows and they will instantly transport you back to Christmas at grandma’s house as a child. The four covers each feature vintage-inspired images, like a jolly Santa Claus, a reindeer and stockings hung over the fireplace. The covers, which measure 18 by 18 inches to fit over most throw pillow inserts, are made of high-quality cotton and linen so that they can be used and enjoyed rather than just looked at. Put these on your couch or your bed for that holiday feeling every time you get comfortable.

christmas pillows cdwerd

Buy: CDWERD Christmas Throw Pillow Covers $12.99


2. OurRusticHomeDecor Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow Cover


Simple and sincere, the OurRusticHomeDecor Merry and Bright Christmas Pillow Cover does Christmas without being overly gaudy. The pillow cover is printed with the words “Merry & Bright” in a cheerful cursive that fits with most modern decor. Mix this pillow cover with a red and a white cover as well for a complete display or keep it simple and throw this pillow cover on your couch next to your existing covers. Thanks to its off-white and black color theme, it matches pretty much any color you already have on your couch.

christmas pillows ourrustichomedecor


3. Aoopistc Christmas Pillow Covers


“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.” If you know this line from the Christmas classic, Home Alone II, this may be the best pillow cover for you. With a simple design featuring the famous words, this green and red cover appears just like any other Christmas pillow until you look closely enough to see the phrase written on the front. Plus, the 18 by 18-inch pillow cover can be machine washed for cleaning convenience. And if this movie-related pillow isn’t right for you, Aoopistc makes 14 other fun Christmas pillow designs.

christmas pillows aoopistic

Buy: Aoopistc Christmas Pillow Covers $9.99



4. PSDWETS Merry Christmas Pillow Covers


Ideal for people who have a rustic interior design theme or love farmhouse chic decor, the PSDWETS Merry Christmas Pillow Covers feature a set of four beautiful images with red plaid backgrounds. In addition to a deer, a moose and an old-fashioned pickup hauling a Christmas tree, one of the covers sports the Christmas lyrics, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” These four covers measure 18 by 18 inches to fit over most throw pillow inserts (which are not included), and they feature invisible zipper closures for an attractive all-around appearance.

christmas pillows psdwets

Buy: PSDWETS Merry Christmas Pillow Covers $16.99


5. MissPatchDesigns Christmas Family Cushion Cover


Why settle for any old Christmas pillow when you can have one with your family name on it? The MissPatchDesigns Christmas Family Cushion Cover comes personalized with the phrase “Christmas with the ____’s.” Naturally, your name goes in the blank. The cover is available with either a red or green background and white or gold font. It measures 18 by 18 inches to fit over a standard throw pillow insert, which you must purchase separately. In addition to making a great piece for your own couch, this could be a nice Christmas gift for family or friends.

christmas pillows misspatchdesigns


6. Sunnyglade Six Pieces Christmas Throw Pillow Covers


Whether you have multiple couches to fill or you like a lot of cushions on your single couch, the Sunnyglade Six Pieces Christmas Throw Pillow Covers will do the trick. This set of six Christmas covers all boast a bright red and white them to match each other, but each one has its own unique image, from Santa Claus with his big bag of toys to a Merry Christmas wreath. The 100% cotton linen covers are comfortable to the touch, and, like most of the other covers on this list, they measure 18 by 18 inches.

christmas pillows sunnyglade

Buy: Sunnyglade Six Pieces Christmas Throw Pillow Covers $18.99


7. TastebudsShop Dear Santa Christmas Pillow


To add a bit of humor to your Christmas display, check out the TastebudsShop Dear Santa Christmas Pillow. The owners of this pillow clearly lead a very adventurous life and one that Santa Claus may not agree with. Besides the laugh out loud design, there are a couple of other features that set this pillow apart from the rest. First, it doesn’t feature the traditional Christmas red. Instead, it offers a more muted burgundy that might blend better with your existing decor. Second, the pillow measures 20 by 20 inches, instead of the traditional 18 by 18 inches, so you may need to buy a bigger insert or your Christmas cover may fit loosely.

christmas pillows tastebudsshop


8. OliverandOliviaKids Personalized Christmas Pillow


Sharing Christmas with children is one of the best parts of the holidays, so why not get your kids their own Christmas pillow to decorate their rooms? This OliverandOliviaKids Personalized Christmas Pillow is perfect for little ones. It’s covered in sequins, which are silver on one side. On the other side, they form a Christmas picture that can be personalized with your child’s name. Run your hand across the pillow, and you’ll move the sequins from one side to the other, revealing and covering up the picture as you go.

christmas pillows oliverandoliviakids


9. NordECO HOME Faux Fur Fleece Pillowcase


The thing we like the most about these NordECO HOME Faux Fur Fleece Pillowcase is that they make amazing winter decorations but you can use them year-round, too, if you’d like. The furry pillowcases feel lush to touch thanks to the long faux fur and fleece underneath. Because they come in white, they almost look like a fresh pile of snow, and they’re sure to blend well with your other holiday decor. Each order comes with two pillowcases for your couch, bed or office, and the covers are available in a variety of sizes, from 12 by 20 inches to 22 by 22 inches.

christmas pillows nordecohome

Buy: NordECO HOME Faux Fur Fleece Pillowcase $16.99


10. PrimitiveMarketPlace Ho Ho Ho Pillow


Although not the most comfortable to lay on, pillows with 3D bits and bobs sure do catch the eye. That’s exactly what these Ho Ho Ho Pillows do thanks to the red or green buttons that replace the o’s in “ho.” Each pillow measures 15 by 5 inches, so these are more appropriate as decor on benches or a display on a mantelpiece than as functional head pillows. Hand-embroidered on hand-dyed muslin, the PrimitveMarketPlace Ho Ho Ho Pillow is really a great example of the amazing handmade products available on Etsy.

christmas pillows primitivemarketplace


11. Abbykatepillows Nativity Scene Pillow


If you’d like to be reminded of the religious meaning of Christmas rather than the commercial one, consider this lumbar pillow with its nativity scene. The pillow measures 10 by 18 inches and comes with both the cotton canvas cover sewn around a polyester filling. The scene on the front of the pillow is hand-painted by the seller. Not only does the Abbykatepillows Nativity Scene Pillow look like a lovely piece of holiday decor, but it also fulfills one of the key pillars of Christmas, giving back. That’s because a percentage of the profits from these pillows is donated to a mission the seller supports.

christmas pillows abbykatepillows


12. WildRabbitsBurrow Christmas Tree Pillow


Sometimes Christmas pillows don’t look like pillows at all. Instead, they look like Christmas trees, like the WildRabbitsBurrow Christmas Tree Pillow. This colorful pillow is 22 inches tall by 17 inches wide across the base, and it’s made from fleece in three shades of green and other colors for the lights. The pillow, which is completely hand-stitched, is also filled with extra plump polyfill, making it similar to a stuffed animal crossed with a pillow. Plus, if you don’t like the tree design, the seller also makes a similar and equally cute pillow using a cactus base.

christmas pillows wildrabbitsburrow


13. SippingIcedTea St. Nicholas Hand-Painted Pillow Cover


For a Christmas pillow that you’ll use for years to come, look no further than the SippingIcedTea St. Nicholas Pillow Cover. This cover, which measures 18 by 18 inches to fit a traditional throw pillow insert, is hand-painted and signed by the artisan. It’s made from a medium-weight canvas to make the painting of Santa Claus stand out across the front of the pillow. Thanks to the more muted colors used, this pillow fits in well with rustic or country style decors. It also features an easy-to-access back flap so that you can fit the insert in the pillow cover in a matter of seconds.

christmas pillows slippingicedtea


These Christmas Lights Will Make Yours the Best-Looking House on the Block This Year

‘Promising Young Woman’ Will be Released in Theaters in Time for Christmas


There’s at least one thing promising about the holidays: “Promising Young Woman,” a revenge thriller starring Carey Mulligan, is hitting theaters on Christmas Day.

While most movies are fleeing the release calendar this year, “Promising Young Woman” is one of the few films to take a chance on the unpredictable year that is 2020. As it stands, it will compete against “Wonder Woman 1984” on the big screen on Dec. 25.

Focus Features is owned by Universal, the studio that recently signed a pact with theater chain AMC to allow films to premiere on premium video on-demand within three weeks of their theatrical debuts. Since the deal extends to Focus, the speciality label has something of a safety net if audiences don’t turn out en masse to see “Promising Young Woman.” They can put it on digital rental services after 17 days, without having to worry about additional marketing costs.

Earlier this week, movie theater operator Cineworld, which owns Regal in the U.S., announced plans to temporarily shutter all 536 locations, citing the “challenging theatrical landscape.” Rivals AMC and Cinemark said they don’t intend to close any U.S. venues. But there’s a chance additional cinemas, especially those of the small-town and independently owned variety, will have to close their doors without new product to offer patrons.

Emerald Fennell, a showrunner on “Killing Eve,” wrote and directed “Promising Young Woman” in her feature directorial debut. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival to strong reviews, with critics praising Mulligan’s performance. Vanity Fair’s critic Richard Lawson called Mulligan “consistently riveting throughout.” “Even when the movie occasionally loses its way,” he wrote, “Mulligan carries it along, selling every twist and reveal in mesmerizing fashion.”

The dark comedy stars Mulligan as Cassie, a medical school dropout still living with her parents and working in a coffee shop. She had a bright future ahead of her, until a traumatizing event derailed her life. But Cassie, who knows nothing if not revenge, is willing to take extreme measures to get her vengeance. The cast also includes Bo Burnham, Laverne Cox, Alison Brie and Connie Britton. “Promising Young Woman” was scheduled to debut in April, but it was pulled from release because of the pandemic.

Watch a new trailer below:

[embedded content]

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Fashion UK, Portico Designs and Rubber Road among new UK partners for How the Grinch Stole Christmas

the grinch

the grinch
the grinch

Fashion UK, Portico Designs, and the pop culture licensee Rubber Road are among a tranche of new UK licensing partners now signed for Dr Seuss Enterprises festive IP How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The latest signings arrive as WildBrain CPLG secures a new wave of European deals for the property.

In the UK, Portico Designs will release a line of calendars and diaries, Fashion UK is developing new kids’ daywear, and Rubber Road has introduced The Grinch to it popular collectables line up Tubbz. Meanwhile, Enesco is launching figurines and CHristmas decorations, Ecell is developing new phone covers and accessories, and Widdop & Co has signed up for gifting and home accessories.

Additional fashion partnerships have been secured outside of the UK with Trucare for the Middle East and North Africa, and Elyaf for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new product ranges will launch from October 2020.

John Taylor, VP Northern Europe and managing director UK and France at WildBrain CPLG, said: “Thanks to his quirky humour and holiday spirit, the Grinch has firmly established himself as an icon for the festive season. This broad line-up of new partners means the brand will continue to have a robust presence during the Christmas retail period, and also have a wider range of products available than ever before.”

“We are excited about the broad reach of Grinchmas at retail this year, due in large part to all the great work WildBrain CPLG has done to select fantastic licensees who creatively connect our fans with the Grinch through consumer products,” said Susan Brandt, president of Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

These new partnerships join long-standing apparel and homeware UK licensees for the brand which include: Somerbond, BC International, Park Agencies, Misirli, Brand International, Dreamtex, Paul Dennicci, Cooneen, IG Design Group, Hype and Aurora.

Beyond the UK, the licensing programme also features European partners LPP for adult and kids wear and H&M for apparel and accessories, alongside Thalia for gifting in Germany, Australia and Switzerland.

jIU6?d=6et-BrRH4jw jIU6?i=nWnKED1ihlU:qHo2BEq1OzE:V_sGLiPBp jIU6?d=qj6IDK7rITs jIU6?d=7Q72WNTAKBA


Ellen Travolta is out to save Christmas with annual show at CdA Resort – Thu, 08 Oct 2020 PST


This year promises to be a holiday season like none other. But one thing is certain: The show will go on.

Cozy Christmas Shadow Box Card

 Hello to all you crafty people!  It’s Amanda Fitterer!  I hope your week is going fantastic!  It’s almost the weekend!!  Hang in there!

Today, I am excited to share this cute little Christmas card with you!  I made it using the Heffy Doodle Big Shadow Box Die and Mama Elephant Toasty Friends Stamp Set.  

To make the shadow box, I am using Heffy Doodle Big Shadow Box Die and Heffy Doodle Mini Essentials Dies.  
I am stamping my images from the Mama Elephant Toasty Friends Stamp Set and then coloring with Copic markers. Then, I will die cut with the coordinating dies.

I am using Vintage Photo Distress Oxide for my «floors».  Now, I can assemble the shadow box using 3D foam squares and liquid glue!




Thank you so much for stopping by the Butterfly Reflections Ink blog!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  Xoxo, Amanda

How I turned into a Santa clause


Sharing my happiness

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What Sells On eBay: 1977 Vikings signed pennant, Wall Drug mug, Super Shooter food gun, Vintage Christmas ornaments, Laundry hamper, Hats, Fireplace

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