19 Best Gaming Christmas Ornaments For 2020

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Though COVID-19 means Christmas 2020 certainly won’t look the same as previous years–big gatherings are still discouraged, and cross-country travel feels iffy–many families will still be putting up a Christmas tree, which means pulling out and hanging all the ornaments of years past. If your family likes to add new ornaments to the collection every year, you might be wondering what Christmas tree ornament to get for the gamer in your life. Though there aren’t a ton of great gaming-related ornaments out there, we’ve done the work for you in rounding up the best Christmas tree ornaments to gift in 2020, several of which are new from Hallmark this year.

Check out some of our picks for the best gaming (and gaming-adjacent) Christmas ornaments below, and for more gift ideas, see our 2020 holiday gift guide, including the best Nintendo gifts, PlayStation gifts, Xbox gifts, and PC gaming gifts. We’ve also rounded up the best stocking stuffer ideas for 2020, Funko Pop gifts, tech under $50, and more, so you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list who’s into gaming, tech, or pop culture.

The Legend of Zelda Game Christmas Cartridge

This 2020 ornament from Hallmark is one of our favorites, and it’s proving popular with others as well, as it’s been going in and out of stock on Amazon. It features the shiny gold Legend of Zelda NES cartridge, making it the perfect gift for old-school Nintendo and Zelda fans.

NES Controller Christmas Ornament

Hallmark’s 2020 ornament line includes another nod to the NES, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, with this ornament that resembles the system’s original controller.

Mini 8-Bit Mario and Luigi Christmas Ornaments

Alongside the NES, the Super Mario franchise also celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020, so it’s fitting to see these two 8-bit Mario and Luigi ornaments release just in time for the holidays. Available for $9 each, these tiny ornaments showcase the iconic sibling duo in their classic pixel-art styling.

Fortniate Battle Bus Christmas Ornament

Fortnite is still one of the biggest games in the world, especially among young gamers, and this impressively detailed ornament features one of the game’s most recognizable elements: the Battle Bus.

Fortnite Llama Christmas Ornament

Fortnite’s colorful Loot Llama makes a great Christmas ornament and keepsake for fans of the battle royale game. Geek Store has several other Fortnite ornaments available as well, and the store has a two for $20 offer to help you save on multiple.

Minecraft: The Nether Christmas Ornament

If you’re shopping for a Minecraft fan this holiday season, this new ornament from Hallmark makes a cool and unique gift. It shows a slice of the game’s menacing alternate dimension, the Nether, including one of its creatures, a floating Ghast.

Minecraft Zombie Christmas Ornament

We’re not through with Minecraft just yet. This resin Christmas ornament features one of the Overworld’s iconic pixelated foes, the Zombie.

Joust Arcade Game Christmas Ornament

This retro ornament pays homage to the 1982 co-op arcade game Joust. Not only does this ornament feature a remarkable level of detailed design; it also lights up and plays classic sounds from the game.

Mario Kart Yoshi Christmas Ornament

The last time we saw a new game starring the Super Mario franchise’s beloved dinosaur Yoshi was in 2019 with the release of Yoshi’s Crafted World–but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a spot on your tree. This 2020 ornament features Yoshi as he appeared in the 2001 Game Boy Advance game Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

Baby Yoda (The Mandalorian) Christmas Ornament

There are a lot of Baby Yoda ornaments out there this holiday season, but this is the cutest one–and as a result, it keeps selling out. Assuming you can nab it in stock at Amazon or elsewhere, this keepsake ornament featuring The Mandalorian’s best baby would add a hefty dose of cuteness to any Christmas tree.

Super Mario Bowser Christmas Ornament

Mario’s ultimate foe and the king of the Koopas, Bowser, looks particularly ferocious in this Christmas ornament from Hallmark.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Christmas Ornament

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the next game in PlayStation’s web-slinging hero series, releases this holiday season, and though there aren’t any ornaments for Miles just yet, Spidey fans will still appreciate this ornament featuring Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. This neat Christmas ornament has the hero posing from an upside-down position as he hangs from his web, waving hello.

Pikachu Christmas Ornament

Eight full generations of Pokemon have been released in the nearly 25 years since the series’ Japanese debut, but there’s no question Pikachu is still one of the most recognizable and popular characters from the franchise. This ornament shows Pikachu looking particularly fierce, as though he’s dashing to perform Thunderbolt on an opponent during battle.

Eevee Sledding Christmas Ornament

Over on the official Pokemon Center website, you can buy this newly released and absolutely adorable Eevee Christmas ornament, which shows the Normal-type Pokemon gleefully riding a sleigh.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Christmas Ornament

There’s no shortage of Star Wars ornaments out there, but this new BB-8 ornament has to be one of the cutest. This highly detailed model shows BB-8 giving you a little thumbs-up, and it even plays some of the droid’s memorable sounds from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Destiny «The Stranger» Christmas Ornament

Destiny 2’s next major expansion, Beyond Light, releases November 10, and according to developer Bungie, it marks the beginning of a new era for the first-person shooter franchise. For Destiny fans, this Christmas ornament featuring the Exo Stranger would make a great addition to the tree. Geek Store also has a nice promotion on bauble ornaments–they’re $5 if you buy anything else on site.

Doom Slayer Christmas Ornament

Doom Eternal released earlier this year, and you can treat fans of the action-heavy shooter franchise to this little ornament designed to look like the Doom Slayer’s head. He can take a break from mowing down the forces of hell to sit on your Christmas tree and look cute (but still deadly).

Street Fighter Ryu Christmas Ornament

It’s hard not to laugh looking at this spherical representation of Ryu from Street Fighter, and you’re sure to get a smile out of any fighting game fans when they unwrap this ornament.

Gamer Santa Christmas Ornament

We’re a bit obsessed with this Gamer Santa ornament we found on Amazon. It’s something about the inscrutable look on his face (is it joy? fear? shock?), the ambiguous controller, his wholly uncomfortable sitting position… we can’t put our finger on it, but we love Gamer Santa all the same. And if you’re not sure what kind of games your giftee is into–whether they play Destiny, Minecraft, Fortnite, or something else–they’re sure to love Gamer Santa too.

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