Celebrate this Holiday Season Safely with the Best Christmas Face Masks

The most wonderful time of year is coming, but it’s still 2020. So, move on over ugly Christmas sweaters. This year is all about who has the best Christmas face mask. While we’re all still adapting to wearing face masks and trying to keep spirits high as we do, a little Christmas cheer wouldn’t go amiss.

Deck the halls and faces with themed face coverings for you and for all the family. There’s so many different patterns and styles available, and with all jokes aside, there’s never been a more important time for us all to be utilizing face masks.

While the colors and characters on your mask are, of course, vital decisions, there are also a few design features to look out for to ensure you select the best Christmas face mask for you.

  • Filters – Whereas disposable masks usually include a filter layer, most reusable and washable masks don’t. However, they often have pockets where you can slide in a disposable filter if and when you choose to.
  • Sizes – Most masks are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are often adults and kids options available.
  • Ear Straps – How thick or thin the ear straps are on your mask can really affect how comfortable wearing it is. Bear this in mind when checking out different styles as they can vary from a small string-like material to much thicker options.
  • Nose Clips – Not all masks include a nose clip, particularly reusable ones. However, this feature is very useful for ensuring a proper fit.

As face masks slowly but surely become as common as socks, there is now a huge range of them available, and that even applies to face coverings for Christmas. We’ve sifted through the best designs available to bring you a stocking list full of the best Christmas face masks.


1. ScottishGarters Reusable Christmas Face Mask


There’s nothing better than Christmas traditions such as snowmen, snowflakes and Santa to get us in the festive mood. ScottishGarters have got our favorite December specials covered with their range of available materials, ready to create the best Christmas face mask for you. There’s even the option for a child-size mask, so you can have the whole family matching on Christmas day.

christmas face masks pattern etsy


2. E-Scenery Christmas Print Washable Face Mask


You can choose from the many faces of a snowman with this washable and reusable face mask multi-pack. With five different color and design options included, there’s sure to be a snowman style to suit your festive outfit each day of the week. The washable and breathable material design of these face masks ensures that they’re both eco-friendly and comfortable.

christmas face masks snowmen

Buy: E-Scenery Christmas Print Washable Face Mask $6.99


3. MaskMyFace Washable Tartan Christmas Face Mask


Made with high-quality, chemical-free and naturally cooling yarns for superior comfort, this Scotland-inspired Christmas face mask embraces a subtle yet extremely festive tartan print. To ensure your mask stays in place, it’s equipped with both elastic ear loops and a pliable metal nose bridge. There’s even a filter pocket that allows you to insert disposable filters if you so choose to.

christmas face masks scottish tartan


4. Peach_Lemonade Personalized Face Mask Shield


Face masks are very quickly becoming one of the most personal and important items that we all must own. So why not go one step further with this rainbow sparkle face shield and have your festive mask personalized with your name? Ideal for a whole host of activities, including cooking, serving and shopping, the shield-style face mask can be used alone or combined with a material face mask underneath for double protection.

christmas face masks shield rainbow


5. BeansShack Christmas Disney Reversible Face Mask


Select your Disney favorites from the range of colors and styles available from BeansShack. All priced at a modest $10.00 and featuring your favorite cartoon characters, it’d be a tough pick to choose only one. But, luckily, these masks are reversible and made to order, meaning you can choose two of your favorite fabrics from which your mask will be created.

christmas face masks disney mickey mouse


6. AkashaDesigns1 Merry Christmas Holiday Face Mask


If you’re looking to be festive but not too festive, we have a mask for you. With a simple Merry Christmas logo in red and green on black material with simple ear loops, being an undercover Scrooge has never been easier. Handmade with care to be breathable, washable and reusable, this mask uses only a double-layered premium cotton blend material.

christmas face masks very merry etsy


7. MyDesignStudio Vintage Santa Cloth Face Mask


The friendliest face of Christmas can be yours with this vintage-inspired Santa face mask. Use the sturdy, over-the-ear elastic straps for a snug fit and wash as required in your machine. Made from comfortable 100% polyester fabric, this festival face mask is designed to be a one-size-fits-all adult solution to disease prevention.

christmas face masks vintage santa


8. Nature Crazed Red And Green Cloth Face Mask


Dazzle eyes everywhere with this red and green, candy cane-inspired Christmas face mask, available on Zazzle. Ideal for those with a sweet tooth to stop any sugar snacking, this mask is both reusable and machine washable. Complete with a filter pocket, you can choose to wear the mask alone or with an optional, surgical insert.

christmas face masks red and gree stripes


9. KPinkBags The Grinch Christmas Mask


Turn frowns upside down with this Grinch-inspired Christmas face mask. This face mask is a lot of festive fun and sure to crack a smile on faces around you. Plus, it would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, too. On the more practical side, each of these masks has a space for a PM2.5 filter for your safety.

christmas face masks grinch face


10. ChristmasFaceMasks Silent Night Cloth Face Mask


Don’t let wearing a mask stop you from singing your heart out to “Silent Night” this Christmas. If your favorite carol is this classic, then this is the mask for you. Designed with the print of a vintage music score sheet, this unique Christmas face mask is a top choice for musicians. It’s only a shame your friends and family won’t be able to see the full facial expressions as you carol this year.

christmas face masks silent night


11. Bingfone Disposable Christmas Printer Face Masks


The plain blues and whites of the day-to-day disposable masks don’t need to have a place on your face this Christmas. Instead, you can opt for these three-layer Christmas printed face masks made of melt-blown fabric filters and soft non-woven fabric for the ultimate, skin friendly and comfortable wear. Although disposable, and so not designed to be worn for more than four hours, they are breathable and non-irritating.

christmas face masks disposable

Buy: Bingfone Disposable Christmas Printer Face Masks $22.99


12. Amima Light Up LED Rechargeable Glowing Face Mask


Light up faces everywhere (including your own) this Christmas with a colorful LED face mask. With seven colors included and five different glowing modes, you can simply select the best setting for you with the press of a button on the battery pack. And, like all of the best gadgets these days, you can recharge your mask via USB without any batteries needed. You’ll certainly get a lot of attention with this mask on your face this holiday season.

christmas face masks light up amazon

Buy: Amima Light Up LED Rechargeable Glowing Face Mask $27.99


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