It’s a Covid Christmas…

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This year you can forget about the HO HO HO.

It’s all about CO CO COVID.


If someone had shown you these Christmas ornaments from Cody Foster at the start of they ear, you would have been totally baffled. Now sadly, they perfectly sum up the crazy shit show this year has been.


I know it’s early to be talking about Christmas but with the dark nights I was so scunnered last week that I bought this wonderful rainbow Christmas tree and I put it up at the weekend. I’ll decorate it more fully and open up the branches as the weeks go by but for now, its bright colour are lifting my spirits.

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If you are looking for new baubles for your tree then the icon collection from Cody Foster would be perfect, if you don’t want to face any more covid reminders. A family run business in Valentine, Nebraska USA; Cody Foster & Co’s adorable vintage-inspired collectibles are made from ‘honest materials’ too.

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To all our friends in the USA, here’s hoping that peace, unity and decency triumph today and that you finally get rid of the orange menace. Although I fear he is not going to go without a fight.


With big festive and election love.

Queen Marie

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