The best places to buy Christmas tree decorations

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The best Christmas tree stands


When it comes to Christmas decorations, the tree is often the centerpiece. What starts as a blank green (or silver or pink) canvas transforms the whole feel of the room where it lives. 

You can go the traditional route and decorate with silver baubles and white lights, or you can let your imagination run wild. Transfer all your Halloween decorations to it and call it a «Nightmare Before Christmas» tree. Add scads of plaid. Hunt long enough, and you can find enough tacos or Yodas to easily cover a whole tree. Llama ornaments are everywhere, too. The possibilities are endless.

Beyond ornaments, lights, a tree topper, bows, flowers, and other miscellany are often required to complete the look of your tree. Buying a festive spool of ribbon can help cover up bare spots, and it’s less expensive than investing a bunch more ornaments. Also, because so many kids are attending virtual school, parents might find themselves in need of craft supplies to create holiday ornaments at home.

We found some of the best places to get everything you need for your Christmas tree. Some specialize in ornaments, while others have everything from tree skirts to stars for the top, and everything in between. 

Here’s where to buy the best Christmas tree decorations:

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Christmas Lights Etc. Christmas Lights Etc

Christmas Lights Etc.

When it comes to holiday lights, Christmas Lights Etc. makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even if you’re not quite sure what that is. 

Lighting sets the tone for your tree. It’s going to look very different if you opt for multicolor bulbs, all white, or a mix of red and green. The same is true for the outdoor lights you’ll use to decorate your house. It’s important to know whether the lights you’re using are rated for indoor or outdoor use. Many are suitable for both, and it’s easy to tell in the lights’ listed specifications on Christmas Lights Etc.’s site. 

Christmas Lights Etc. also offers suggestions for decorating and how-to guides to help you determine how many lights you’ll need for your tree or gutters. If you’re not sure whether you want icicles, bulbs, or mini-lights, the site has lots of photos to help you figure out your favorite. 

Good for: Tree lights, outdoor lights

Worth a look:

Lowe’s Lowe's ornaments


There’s a surprising amount of tree decorations at Lowe’s, especially if you’re looking for lights.

Hardware stores might not scream holidays, but Lowe’s has a whole Christmas section offering lights, ornaments, and tree stands. The lighting section is particularly robust. You’ll find everything from Mickey Mouse bulbs to candles to glowing bells. There are more traditional options as well, and you can narrow your search by shape, color, and price.

When it’s time to pack up the tree, Lowe’s also has different types of ornament storage. Some of these boxes even have clear windows, so you can see what’s inside without having to open every box. 

Good for: Tree lights, outdoor lights, tree stands, ornament storage

Worth a look:

Wayfair Wayfair christmas


Wayfair‘s holiday hub has a little bit of everything, but what really sets it apart is its comprehensive collection of faux florals and greenery, from poinsettias to pine branches. 

Ornaments are a dime a dozen (not literally, unfortunately), but the tree topper is often the star of the show — or angel. You can find them all at Wayfair, plus lots of other tree trimmings. There are pages and pages of tinsel and garlands

What makes Wayfair really stand out for tree decorations is its floral options. You can filter by type, color, and material. It’s especially useful if you want to branch out from poinsettias and add purple hydrangeas, red magnolias, or even some cheerful cherry blossoms. Sprinkle them amongst some ribbons, or add flameless candles to evoke an older era. 

Good for: Artificial flowers, tinsel, ornaments

Worth a look:

Michael’s Michael's christmas


Whether you need string for popcorn garlands or any other crafty touch, you’ll be able to find it at Michael’s.

While Michael’s has some cute premade ornaments, it’s really the place to stock up on everything that goes in between them on your tree. There are ribbons and bows in every color. Or if you fancy something floral, Michael’s has artificial poinsettias in various colors. Pinecones and berries are also nice additions for an outdoorsy feel. 

Michael’s also has everything you need to make your own ornaments if that’s part of your holiday tradition. There’s a whole Christmas crafting section on its website, with glue, glitter, and googly eyes. You can also find storage options for ornaments. 

Good for: Homemade ornaments, craft supplies, ornament storage

Worth a look:

Factory Direct Craft Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft

Chock full of arts and crafts supplies, Factory Direct Craft can help you create your own handmade ornaments. 

Another store full of creative goodness, Factory Direct Craft is also big on Christmas. One of the easiest ways to make a tree that feels all your own is with fillable ball ornaments. They’re clear, so whether you fill them with paint, glitter, or both, you’re sure to end up with something cool. The same goes for the wood cutout ornaments, which you can cover in stickers, paint, or color with markers.  

The shop also has bells you can buy in bulk. Its entire ribbon section can be narrowed down by color, material, and width. It’s truly fun to browse the site because you never know when you’re going to come across something like artificial miniature poison dart frogs. It could start a new holiday tradition.  

Good for: Homemade ornaments, craft supplies

Worth a look:

Etsy Dino tree topper


Head to Etsy if you have a niche decorating theme in mind — or just browse, and you’re sure to find something special. 

If you have a live tree, a tree skirt will help keep needles, sap, and water off your floor. Per usual, Etsy‘s offerings are both functional and festive and many are even handmade. We like this one, which looks like it may or may not have belonged to a Victorian ghost, and this knit one looks cozy enough to curl up in. 

Etsy also has some charming tree toppers, including a mischievous dino. Freddie Mercury would also love to rock around your Christmas tree. There are also vintage-inspired toppers if you prefer something more traditional. 

Good for: Unique ornaments, tree skirts, tree toppers

Worth a look:

Houzz Houzz christmas


With a wealth of filters, Houzz‘s Christmas shop makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.

In addition to its scores of remodeling ideas, Houzz also has a shop full of Christmas decor. It holds some truly unique items. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect topper to your pirate-themed tree, there’s a model of the Flying Dutchman. You can also find ornaments by theme, like animals, floral, or snowflakes. 

You have to admire the discoverability of Houzz’s tree skirts, too. You can filter by price, theme, color, and diameter. Did you know you can get a coastal-themed tree skirt that would be perfect for a beach house? Now you do. 

Good for: Tree skirts, ornaments 

Worth a look:

Frontgate Frontgate


For high-end holiday decor, Frontgate is a great place to splurge. 

Though not for the budget-conscious — Frontgate is pricey — you’ll find a carefully selected assortment of Christmas decorations. A deep green, velvet tree skirt with hand-embroidered ornaments might actually attract more attention than the tree it’s under. Or you could have artificial eucalyptus branches peeping out from a gold-covered tree. 

Frontgate even offers design consultations, for those who need a little extra help making their room come together. Or you could choose a beautifully coordinated, 60-piece set of ornaments. Almost everything trends toward traditional, though you will find some quirky things like dogs in sweaters to adorn your tree. 

Good for: Pricey but well-coordinated decor

Worth a look:

Target Target holidays


Target has an array of holiday items at a wide range of price points. 

Target‘s website organizes ornaments by character, color, and theme, including those with a retro feel. You’re sure to see quite a few people falling back in love with Shiny Brite’s 1940s-style ornaments. Or grab a few sets of 10- or 12-pack ornaments in a few colors and be well on your way to completely covering your tree. 

Target has more than just ornaments. It also has a good selection of tree toppers, some for as low as $5. Tree skirts are available in a variety of styles, from faux fur to pompom adorned. Though, neither is recommended if you’re trying to keep your cat away from your tree. From lights to storage, the list goes on and on.

Good for: Ornaments, tree toppers, lights, ornament storage

Worth a look:

Macy’s Macys christmas


Macy’s is the perfect choice for a wide variety of decor no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

Thanks to its Thanksgiving parades and Fourth of July fireworks, Macy’s has long strived to be synonymous with holidays — It’s one of the few major retailers where we found a whole Diwali section. — and Christmas is no exception. With collections in several styles, Macy’s has grouped together ornaments that pair well together. You’ll also find annual collections from Swarovski and Waterford

Tree toppers from Macy’s tend to stick to the star and angel varieties, so you won’t find any pop culture references here. The ornaments section has a bit more whimsy, with appearances from a classic Nintendo controller, a crystal blue octopus, and a high-heeled boot

Good for: Individual and collections of ornaments

Worth a look:

Old World Christmas Old World Christmas

Old World Christmas

Don’t let the name fool you: Old World Christmas has many modern ornaments in the traditional blown glass style. 

Old World Christmas makes blown glass ornaments in the shape of practically anything you can imagine: a bowl of macaroni and cheese, a video game controller, or a contented otter. The shop also has NFL and college football ornaments in the form of beanies, hoodies, foam fingers, helmets, footballs, and stockings, bearing dozens of teams’ logos and colors. 

Last year, the company acquired Ginger Cottages, which makes charming wooden structures — like a tiny pretzel shop — that hang on your tree. There are also miniature dog houses for tons of breeds. 

Good for: Ornaments 

Worth a look:

Amazon Amazon christmas


Amazon will have practically everything on your Christmas decorating list no matter your budget.

Essentially everything previously mentioned — from lights to ribbons to ornament storage — is available on Amazon. Because of the sheet number of items available it might take some searching, but there are gems to be found, including nice-looking, 48-inch tree skirts for around at a good value. 

For ornaments, Old World Christmas and Hallmark both have stores through Amazon. There are also offerings from Lenox, Swarovski, and Kurt Adler. If you’re into homemade decorations, you’ll also find all the craft supplies you need. 

Good for: Lights, ornaments, ornament storage, craft supplies, tree skirts

Worth a look:

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