10 Best Retro Gaming Christmas Jumpers

gaming Christmas jumpers

The best time of year is here, and what better way to celebrate than by picking up gaming Christmas jumpers for yourself and your friends?

Imagine, sitting there at your family gathering, or your Christmas party, with everyone wearing old, dirty, boring jumpers, and you rock up with a brand new Sonic Christmas jumper? We almost guarantee at least someone is going to pick up on it!

This makes one of the best retro gaming gifts to pick up this year, and with the wide selection now out there, we thought we’d put together a top list showing of the best retro gaming Christmas jumpers from around the web.

So, grab your gaming mug, add your coffee and take a seat.

1. Spyro The Dragon Christmas Jumper

spyro christmas jumper

Spyro The Dragon is by far one of the best far one of the best PS1 games of all time, and there’s no better way to show your love of the little purple dragon than by repping him throughout the Christmas period.

Numskull Designs have created a wide number of awesome retro gaming products in their time, but many of people know them due to their innovative gaming Christmas jumpers, so you’ll see a number of them pop up in this article.

This is also an official Activision product, Numskull got the license. It’s 100% knitted, and not printed like those cheaper gaming Christmas jumpers and its made from a premium quality yarn for extra comfort.

This can also be warn by all shapes, sexes and sizes as they have a wide selection of fittings. The design is also knitted all across the jumper, meaning the design is everywhere!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas Jumper

sonic christmas jumper

Sonic The Hedgehog is by far one of our favourite gaming characters of all time, and is at the top of our best Dreamcast games article.

This is also one of our favourite gaming Christmas jumpers due to the attention to detail. Not only dose it have a huge knitted illustration of Sonic in a Christmas outfit across the chest, it also has the signature rings at the bottom.

If you look even closer you can also see snowflakes, pine trees, Christmas trees and more! This is one of the best jumpers for fans of sonic, and even fans of the best SEGA game gear games, for those of you that like playing games on the go!

3. Classic Playstation Christmas Jumper

playstation christmas gaming jumpers

The holy grail of gaming Christmas jumpers, for those that were there when the first Playstation was invented.

This is the classic Playstation Christmas jumper, and as you can tell, not only is it in classic Playstation grey but it also shows off a lot of the classic console’s features.

Many argue that the PS1 is the best retro games console of all time, and we agree, so what better way than to tell your whole family that while devouring a whole turkey?

You can see the DPAD, the start/select and even the action buttons, all in a Christmassy pattern! We’ll take two!

4. Pacman Christmas Jumper

pacman christmas jumper

Let’s take it back to the old school times, the times where you’d have to put a quarter in a machine to get your hands on the best games of its time.

This is one of the best gaming Christmas jumpers for the older generation, the ones that were born and bred in arcade machines… hopefully not literally.

Not only is pac-man wearing a Christmas hat, the ghosts also make a feature in this. On the top half you have the ghosts chasing PAC-MAN, and on the bottom half PAC-MAN ready to eat the ghosts.

5. Street Fighter Christmas Jumper

street fighter christmas jumper

If you’re a fan of button smashing and fighting games then this is the ultimate gaming Christmas jumper for you. Street fighter style.

On this jumper you’ll see “KO” detailing across the top, with both Ken and Ryu about to beat the living crud out of each other.

This jumper seems far more traditional than most on this list, the dark red, the white Christmas trees and the wintery patterns makes it hard to distinguish from normal ones, but that’s why we like it so much.

6. Space Invaders Christmas Jumper

space invaders christmas jumper

Another classic, one of the most known games of all time, Space Invaders! This is by far one of the most colourful gaming Christmas jumpers on our list, and for good reason.

The “space” on this jumper looks as if it’s a part of the game, but also looks as if it could be snow. Each alien style is different colour, and the sleeves show off the classic space invader look.

All of it repeats and wraps around to the back, giving a 360 degree space invader design and as usual with these Christmas jumpers are made with premium yarn material.

7. Crash Bandicoot Christmas Jumper

crash bandicoot christmas jumper

Another one of our favourite gaming characters of all time, the one and only, Crash Bandicoot! This is a very traditional Christmas jumper, using only 3 colours, yet it looks so detailed.

Around the bottom of the jumper you can see all the types of boxes within the game, above that the pattern with snowfkales, question marks and more, all again, from the game.

Then, the man himself in the middle of the jumper, jumping out of a wreath, in fall detail, giving the hand and the tongue!

This is one of the best gaming Christmas jumpers for the newer, younger generation who are Crash fans!

8. Halo Christmas Jumper

halo christmas jumper

Back in 2001, one of the best original Xbox games of all time was released, and that game was called Halo: Combat Evolved.

Though it may not be retro for some, it is retro for us, 20 years is certainly retro. Not only does it appeal to retro fans, it also appeals to the new Xbox gamers too!

The green is like no other, with the warthog at the bottom, and master chief up top, this shows all of the main features of the popular game, with an awesome Christmas touch.

9. Sonic Retro Christmas Jumper

sonic the hedgehog christmas jumper

Because one Sonic jumper isn’t enough, we’ve added two. This is a different variant, a more traditional version dedicated to the start up screen of the original Sonic.

This has a red colour jumper, similar to the Street Fighter version, which gives it that festive touch. Along the bottom is the signature golden rings, along with Christmas trees.

Then in the middle of the design, Sonic, waving his finger ready for you to start the game and begin the chase. A classic jumper, for all sonic fans!

10. Spyro Retro Christmas Jumper

spyro the dragon christmas jumper

Yet another classic that we want to share with you, is this traditional Spyro christmas jumper, if the first one wasn’t tickling your fancy!

This is one of the best gaming Christmas jumpers for those of you that want to shout about your love of Spyro The Dragon.

This has the Spyro logo, with the purple dragon in of a moon and snowflakes and more sprinkled around the design, making it looks like any normal Christmas jumper, just with a unique retro gaming feel.

So there you have it, a look at our 10 best Gaming Christmas Jumpers, ready for your next Christmas party! Let us know which is your favourite on twitter @RETRO_DODO and we’ll get the conversation started!

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