Blue and White Christmas Decorating

merry and bright living room 1

merry and bright living room

Contrary to popular opinion, some bloggers take until December 9 to finish their house.

You’re looking at one.

I know you read this blog and on the surface, it might appear like I have it all together, but truly? Just between us? This year I was dragging my Christmas feet.

Taking my time.

Getting distracted by Christmas carols and good books.

So it was that yesterday I finished the last tree and hung the last ornament and turned on the fire and plopped down in this chair with a feeling of self-satisfaction and a tummy full of coffee….

….and this.

neutral staircase

A front of the house that I decorated completely differently from the back of the house.

Does anyone else have a house like this?

A little Christmas decorating that is ALL OVER THE PLACE?

Can we discuss?

Would it help if I started with an explanation? A little background? A little information that helps explain how the reverse mullet Christmas decorating entered the picture.

See, I used to live in this farmhouse.

If this is your first time visiting or you’ve been away from the blog or if you googled farmhouse decor and are just finding me today…

….this is the rest of my story.

doorway and stairbowl


It’s about a girl named KariAnne who loved a farmhouse.

It’s a tale that started at the end of a country road with hay and cows and barns and it has ups and downs and joy and sorrow.

And then?

staircase decorating for Christmas

mirror and wreath

office entrance

Life happened.

She followed her husband her heart and moved back to Texas to take care of family.

But the best part of the story?

bows on staircase

wreath on mirror

greenery on stairs

She didn’t move back into any old home.

She packed her bags and her farmhouse decor and these wood Christmas trees on the kitchen counter.

And moved back to the home that she grew up in.

wood Christmas tree

kitchen Christmas decor

staircase Christmas decor

That’s me.


Living in my new (old) home with boxes and boxes and boxes of farmhouse Christmas decor.

It’s what I have.

It’s what I know.

I love the farmhouse look and the vintage feel and the history of all that has gone before.

The story of all that before.

merry and bright living room 9

blue and white ornament

But then?

Then there’s this other part of me that yearns for color.

And bright.

And happy.

And merry.

merry and bright living room 6

merry and bright living room 14

merry and bright living room 4

And so?

The front part of the house looks like this.

There’s a whole lot of blue and white going on.

merry and bright living room 13

merry and bright living room 5

merry and bright living room 1

I know it’s random.

I get it.

I understand.


merry and bright living room 11

merry and bright living room 8

merry and bright living room 2

That’s me.

A little random.

A little scattered.

A little bright and merry.

And a little farmhouse.

I think I have Christmas decorating ADD. I go in the front rooms and I love it. And then I drink a cup of hot chocolate and I go into the back of the house and I love it, too.

And the funniest part?

It’s all so me.

Sometimes I’m serious and thoughtful and calm and sometimes?

I’m all about the EXTRA.

merry and bright living room 12

merry and bright living room 3

merry and bright living room 10

See what I mean?

It’s exactly like a reverse mullet.

Business and neutral in the back.

And the front…

…is a Christmas party just waiting to happen. 🙂

PS Are you finished with your Christmas decorating yet?

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