Christmas Crackers

We are a little fussy about our Christmas crackers: they must have a pleasing wrapper, a great bang and definitely no plastic toys inside. We’ve rounded up our favourites below, many brand new for 2020.

Set of six silver glitter crackers with green velvet bows with a paper party hat, joke and small gift inside, £50 from Mrs Alice

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 19.46.56

Set of six Leaping reindeer with a reindeer party hat, joke and small gift, £21.50 from Meri Meri

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 21.11.39

Set of six truffle crackers containing a joke, party hat and a champagne truffle, £110 from Fortnum & Mason

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 20.58.15

Set of six Kate Sproston fill-yourself reusable crackers, £76 at Selfridges (including 20% off)

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 20.28.21

Set of 6 crackers. Each cracker contains a gold paper crown, joke, and motto; plus one of the following: a slim patterned notebook; a packet of self-adhesive labels with patterned border; a skein of vintage-style floppy ribbon; a packet of six notecards with envelopes; a glass tree ornament with antique sari tie; a star printing block.  The Snowflake paper design was originally produced for Kettle’s Yard in 2018 to mark their reopening, and is based on a small scrap of paper placed behind one of the signature transparent light switch plates in the Kettle’s Yard House.  £39 from Kettle’s Yard

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 19.43.46

Set of six crackers with a gold or silver party crown and a keepsake inspired by the hotel, £80 from Claridges 

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 21.08.27

Set of six crackers each containing a mini cologne or bath & body essential, £64 from Jo Malone 


Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 20.51.06

Liberty Party Cracker worth over £47: Surratt Smoky Eye Baton in Nuit d’Orage and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, £14 from Liberty

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 08.56.29

Set of six crackers with a crown, joke, motto and a stationery gift, £39 from Cambridge Imprint

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 21.02.34

Set of six crackers filled with a hat, an entertaining motto and an animal finger puppet by The Conran Shop.  £17.55 at Selfridges (10% off normal price)

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 19.52.38

Make up a Xylophone set of six crackers, £23 from Trouva

Screenshot 2020 11 18 at 09.33.36

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